Business Development

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Kritika Khurana, MS, is a Business Development Manager at IQVIA's Orphan Drug Unit, overseeing the Asian and Easter US markets. She has  has experience in business development,  marketing, and market research. Kritika is a 2015 graduate the MS Biotechnology program from Georgetown University. She received her Bachelor's degree in Biotechnology from Jaypee University of Information Technology in  Solan, HP, India.

Yalin Zhang, MS, has experienced in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, especially in business development. Zhang is a Business Development Associate for the Asian market sector. As a Chinese, she had a deep understanding of different business culture between US and Asian, her role is developing the reliable relationship with Asian clients and working with them continuously. Zhang received Master degree from Georgetown University Biotechnology program, with a concentration of Bio-business.

James Pisano, has experience in pharmaceutical sales and marketing. At IQVIA's Orphan Drug Unit, James manages the Midwest US, Canada, and Israel. James is a Certified Pharmacy Technician. He enjoys following his two teenage daughters athletic careers.

Dudly Chiwandire, LLB (Hons), LLM, has experience in research, negotiation, legal compliance, advocacy, strategy consulting, business development, market research and analysis. Chiwandire is the territory manager for the West Coast,United States. His areas of interest include, international healthcare business compliance and regulation, biotechnology market research and analysis, medical malpractice and healthcare policy and management. Chiwandire is a graduate of the LLM program from the University of Georgia. He also received his LLB (Hons) degree from the University of Zimbabwe at Mt Pleasant, Harare.